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Yiasemi Snack bar

On the beautiful beach of Kamari you can find an oasis of refreshment at Yiasemi Snack Bar.
You can accompany your cold coffee with a morning dip or in the midday you can choose amongst a selection of Greek snacks and tasty dishes. In the evening you can enjoy your drink listening to foreign music.
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Our Pool Bar offers a pleasant experience by serving a wide variety of mouth-watering foods and drinks all day long.
Sip on a fruit juice, iced coffee or cocktail throughout the day or try tasty bites at a poolside table.
It’s a welcoming surrounding, which combines music and good taste, awaits you promising memorable moments of relaxation and fun.

Order a refreshing drink or a cocktail while you are swimming in our pool or beach.
Our lounge bar staff serves drinks by the pool and by our private beach space too.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast

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